From Cooperative to competitive, games have the ability to bring people together, teach mathematics, reading, and teamwork skills as well as provide a safe space for youth and youth-at-heart. As one of our founding values, it’s our RULE to make our space inclusive and supportive of anyone new or old to games.

We offer over 80 board games that are available to rent-out and take home (Just 7$/ game for seven days*), or as always, grab a game and stay awhile. Make it a date even!

We specialize in miniature war-gaming, roleplay games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer, Catan, Chess, Euchre, and more, and as a result, the shop houses a sizeable variety of hobby tools for sale ranging from paints to flux.

Gaming at Tea Beards - Gravenhurst


Tuesday Nights:

Chest Club/ RPG / D&D

Wednesday Nights:

TBD based on polls made on the Muskoka Gamers FB page

Thursday Nights: